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Nathan & Glen

17th March

NAThan & Glen

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The secret is out - Projekt 3488 is the star attraction of the Yarra Valley. I have been a guest at many, many weddings around Australia and beyond, but was lucky enough to find Projekt for our own wedding in March of this year. As Projekt’s first same-sex wedding, it was an hour to be welcomed into Mark and Sandi’s hearts and creative minds for what was easily the best day and night of our lives - and our guests.

The Space
The space is curated with elegance, sophistication and a sense of intimacy. The views contribute to the theatre of the entire experience and the remarkable lighting installations from Christopher Boots add drama and art from one of Australia’s most talented designers.

Your Hosts
Mark and Sandi design experiences. There are no “packages”, and there are very few limitations. They take the time to understand you and craft your wedding or event to ensure it captures who you are. It’s this personalisation that elevates the entire process of planning a wedding that makes it so different.

This sleepy untouched town only an hour from Melbourne means you can have a “destination wedding” without the drama of major travel. The locals are hugely supportive of what Mark and Sandi are creating at Projekt, and like David Walsh at MONA, these boys are going to put Warburton on the map.

If you’re looking for a space and a team to deliver the best day of your life, and you can manage to get a booking, do it!

— Nathan & Glen
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